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Comercial e reviews ocidentais de Final Fantasy XIII (PS3/360)

Final Fantasy XIII recebeu um novo comercial para o seu lançamento no ocidente, dessa vez o comercial não é exclusivo da versão para o Xbox 360, conforme havia sido no comercial anterior.

E os reviews dos principais sites já estão aparecendo, confira alguns deles:

IGN UK 8.3/10

The protagonists themselves range from the good to the plain forgettable. They face an evil that's never really personified, and the absence of an arch villain leaves much of the story without a clear focus. The lack of anything substantial to do beyond fleeing and fighting soon brings the game crashing back to earth, and even when the walls are lifted Final Fantasy XIII’s world can seem strangely lifeless. As a technical feat the game is a triumph, but it seems a slave to its own spectacle, manacling the gameplay to serve its own bombastic vision and ultimately while the excellent combat and stunning visuals are enough to recommend it, they're not enough to earn it a place amongst the series’ top rank.

IGN AU 8.4/10

How, then, do we feel about Final Fantasy XIII? Well, I’ve really enjoyed my time with the game, but there’s no question that the mechanics are far less involving than in XII. There’s also no question that if Square-Enix had used the present mechanics, only with a little more choice – a better Crystarium system for role development and a less linear path through the first 20-30 hours, for starters – this would have been a much better game. Even so, this is a staggeringly pretty game, and for all its faults, it is enjoyable and it is a meaty adventure... just not meaty in some of the ways we would have hoped.

Eurogamer 8/10

Palatable is very much the word for Final Fantasy XIII. The Final Fantasy series, with its lengthy cinematics, stubborn style and carefully prescribed limitations, can never hope to please everyone. So it's strange to see it try, and no surprise that the result is not a total success. It's cautious, narrow, far too slow to get going, and is stripped down to such a bare naked form that even some FF traditionalists might find it off-putting. What's left, though, is faultlessly accomplished, gorgeous to behold and, in the long run, thoroughly enjoyable. For better or worse, it's another new beginning, and that's one Final Fantasy tradition that should never be changed.

Gamesradar 10/10

The streamlined, focused structure eliminates potential tedium without dumbing anything down, and the battle system strikes an elegant balance between strategy and fast-paced action. Stunningly beautiful graphics and a pervasively meticulous level of polish throughout only add to the experience.

CVG 9.2/10

Final Fantasy XIII isn't just a game you merely enjoy. You fall in love with it. It's gorgeous worlds have you stopping to admire them in complete awe, while a graceful soundtrack massages your brain (despite the unfortunate replacement of the original Japanese theme with a song from Leona Lewis). That along with the lovable characters and their desperate plight, and the brilliant ATB system come together to form an enchanting 60-hour quest.

Videogamer: 7/10

You have to hand it to Square Enix for trying to move things forward - better that than yet another rehash of the tried and tested Final Fantasy formula (the less said about Infinite Undiscovery the better). But it does so along a path so narrow and straight that you long for the days of old. When Vanille is knocked out in battle, she sometimes says: "What went wrong?" It's a question we find ourselves wondering as well.

1UP: 9/10

Like Mass Effect 2, FFXIII seems to be an attempt to answer the question of how to create an RPG for the modern, console-owning masses. Square Enix's solution is certainly different than BioWare's, but it's arguably just as effective in its own way. I can't say that this is the direction I want the genre as a whole to go -- or even the Final Fantasy series, for that matter -- but Square should be commended for embarking on an interesting journey down a daring road when so many of their competitors are content to stand, directionless, back at the crossroads.

Gamespot: 8.5/10

There are some elements that keep Final Fantasy XIII from being everything it could have been. Even so, it is still a legitimately great game for its stunning beauty, fantastic story, and enjoyable battles, which means it has a lot in common with the Final Fantasy games that came before it. The stubborn gal in the blue sari, the steely blue-eyed star, and even the apprehensive, spiky-haired adolescent are easy to root for, and their journey is as memorable as any other in the series. Even if the gameplay doesn't reach those same heights, almost any RPG lover can still get lost in Final Fantasy XIII.

Gamepro: 8/10

Final Fantasy XIII is, without a doubt, the most technically impressive Final Fantasy ever created. Its stunning visuals and fast-paced combat shine and elevate the series to new heights, but overall, the game is a harsh reminder that beauty is only skin deep. AJ Glasser, our resident JRPG diehard, had high hopes for Square Enix's latest epic, but walked away heartbroken by what it had to offer.

Edge: 5/10

FFXIII takes brave risks with the series’ foundations, but they ultimately create trembling fractures throughout the entire edifice, that robust battle system unable to support the weight of an entire world. Final Fantasy games are always an investment. This time, the returns are questionable.

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